Transformer, Floating Club, or Both?

5 min readMar 31, 2022

ArkHAUS Employs the Tremendous Structural Design Features of Arkup Vessels to Create a Club Unlike Any Other

To experience the club with our full 3D model, click here.

This post was originally written for investors of the ArkHAUS crowdfunding campaign. To learn more, visit the campaign page here.

As we’ve conceptualized, imagined, and re-imagined what ArkHAUS can be over the last year, we’ve been left jaw-dropped so many times. Much of the credit belongs to the brilliant minds behind our partner Arkup (Nicolas Derouin & Arnaud Luguet). They’ve also provided us the ability to make design changes, additions, and tweaks so we can create a club that works functionally, aesthetically, is safe, and can be quickly scaled to multiple cities around the world. From this collaboration came the structural aspects of ArkHAUS that make it much more than just a floating members club.

Walking on Water

The ArkHAUS pool is naturally formed by the vessels and protected from underneath

When we initially envisioned ArkHAUS, it would be on a single large vessel like the original Arkup 75. But when Arkup presented to us their next generation 40' vessels, we realized that connecting 4 of them into a ‘floatilla’ would make for a much more interesting club. What we didn’t realize right away was the center of club became a naturally formed pool. With jaws dropped in excitement, we began to imagine how this pool could be used and what needed to happen to bring this to life.

While we wanted to use the bay water for a more natural environment, we realized the pool needed some protection from the elements. A semi-permeable structure has now been designed that will rest below the water’s surface creating a 4 ft deep pool. This perforated structure allows they bay’s water to flow in and out, but still protects our members from fish and other marine wildlife. It will most likely be plexiglass so that sunlight can continue to reach the seagrass beneath the club. Finally, we are exploring angling the vertical edges of the pool so that sunlight will not only reach the seagrass below the pool, but it will also reflect and illuminate the seagrass below the 4 vessels. #SCIENCE!

A view of the ArkHAUS protected pool from below

ArkHAUS patrons will be able to step down into the pool, relax, and float-walk across to the other side of the club where their friends are!

Walking Decks One Minute, a Protective Cage the Next

Solid decks fully wrap around each of the vessels

The 4 vessels forming ArkHAUS come with solid decks that wrap around all 4 sides. It’s actually these decks that connect to each other at their corners to form the club…it’s not the vessels themselves. On the outer perimeter of the club, there is a glass banister that protects patrons from falling into the water. On the inner perimeter of the club, you can sit on the edge of the deck and put your feet in the water, or take 2 steps down and get fully into the water.

During severe storms that force a closure, the wraparound decks can be folded upwards, creating a protective cage around the vessels. As kids, we never thought Transformers would be a critical safety feature of our future businesses. But here we are.

Elevate the Club to Elevate the Experience

While ArkHAUS is a ‘floating’ private members club, it actually doesn’t float at all. Each vessel is equipped with 4 spuds on its corners. Those spuds are effectively big pillars that go down and anchor into the seabed. As they continue to push down, the spuds then lift the vessel out of the water. The 4 vessels are raised enough so that the entire club will actually hover 3–4 feet above water.

Spuds elevate the vessels a few feet above water to stabilize the club.

The bay’s waves go right under the vessels and the club doesn’t sway whatsoever. Walking on the vessel feels exactly as if you’re walking on land. We had the opportunity to tour the original Arkup 75 and could not believe how solid and stable it felt. We knew this would be a requirement for our patrons who will be eating, drinking, and celebrating.

Both the wraparound decks and the spuds are critical to our storm and hurricane plans — keep an eye for that next post.

Energy So Fresh and So Clean

Solar canopies provide all our energy and power partnerships too.

From the inside of the each vessel you can take the stairs up to the roof deck. Two of the four roof decks will be outfitted for dining and relaxing, while the other two will be set up for a more social environment complete with lounges and hot tubs. Providing shade to the upper decks are full length solar canopies, collecting 12kW of power per vessel. 48kW of power generation is substantially more than the club requires daily, and we don’t want this purest source of energy to go to waste. We will soon announce and detail our partnership with Seaworthy Collective. How we plan to deploy our excess energy to power their marine regeneration startups is going to blow minds.

Moving at the Sound of Silence

Even though we’ve been presented with diesel engine and generator options to provide power, we’ve opted against them. We’re excited to highlight how new technologies such as solar energy paired with electric drives can change marine navigation and living. After all, this had everything to do with how ArkHAUS was conceived.

ArkHAUS is primarily stationary and docked, but we can disconnect any one of the four vessels for a sunset cruise or private event, then return and re-connect. A 50kW electric inboard drive combined with 10kW bow and stern thrusters is all we need, providing 6–8 nautical miles of range — plenty for these short excursions. And what you don’t hear is maybe the best part — complete silence. Just like electric vehicles, electric engines don’t make any sound so you can fully enjoy the environment (not the smell and sound of combustion).


The modular aspects of the Arkup vessels allow us to swap in newer vessels, larger vessels, and create new configurations so ArkHAUS can continue to evolve and provide members with the most unique experience.




A next generation floating lifestyle club, coming to Miami and cities worldwide.